The Big 3-0

I turned 30 this month.

25 days ago.  25 days, 4 hours and a buncha minutes.  That’s how long I’ve been 30 for.  Magically, on the morning of my birthday, I didn’t wake up with a perfect life, perfect teeth, the most wonderful closet of clothing or cute little children bringing me breakfast in bed.

Instead, I woke up to a cat trying to bite my fingers (why does he do that?!),  my boyfriend sleeping next to me, morning breath (we all get it), and the same closet of clothing I’ve had for the past year(s).

My life might not be ANYTHING like what I thought it would be when I was thirty, but I do feel extremely thankful for all that I do have.  Each year on my birthday I like to reflect at what has changed from the birthday before and I try not to focus on that which I don’t have (though I really could have gone for breakfast in bed).

Things I’m Thankful For:

* I am in a loving committed relationship with a man that I feel blessed to have in my life.

* I have a wonderful caring group of friends who I can count on for anything.

* I have a job I enjoy that has improved my life and relationships.  No more crying in the car during lunch for this girl!

* We have 2 cats and only one of them bites my fingers like they are sausages.

* We have a roof over our heads, money to pay our bills and money to play with.  We might not be the richest people, but we’re happy.
I really do have high hopes for my 30s (that makes me sound old) and I realize that although I may not have what I dreamed I would, I have everything I need.