Making It Work

Committing to getting healthy, that first step, can be the absolute hardest.  I’m the queen of tomorrow, Monday and later.  I can do anything tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up and go to the gym, Monday I’ll start eating better, just let me get through this week and then I’ll focus.  I had those excuses and a million more.

Then yesterday, I declared that it was time.  That today is tomorrow, and Monday is not a special magic day for weight loss to begin.  So instead of waiting until tomorrow (which would technically be today), I logged my food and dragged myself to the gym last night after work.  (Only done after a HUGE internal debate about the fact that I could always go tomorrow morning (today)).

A sweet note from Dan helped my mood and motivation.

Of course, as it always goes, once I actually made it to the gym, my attitude changed.  I was there and was going to make the most of it.  So I worked out and came home feeling much better than if I had just started tomorrow.

I spent some time with this beauty.

And this one too.

Generally whenever Dan is either eating dinner late or not home for dinner, I use it as a wild excuse to order food not only in excess, but poor quality as well.  Although I think it’s great to occasionally treat yourself, our “occasional” was becoming habitual, a practice that I’ve noted was not good for our weight or our bank account.   So an in effort to change my habits, I threw together a fun comfy dinner at home.

I tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, something that I stayed away from this summer, either by factor of having no time, or sheer laziness.   Last night I changed that.

I cooked and prepped some food for today.  There’s absolutely a sense of accomplishment that comes with creating healthy meals in your own kitchen.  (Although my meal was a little carb heavy, in the end it was a MUCH better choice than what I was contemplating.)

I settled in for the night, proud of my accomplishments and ate my warm bowl of carbs on the couch while watching The Real Housewives of New York (Reunion, Part II) and Married to Jonas (so ashamed I love that show).  I hit the hay early and Chance and Pumpkin kept me comfy and cozy all night.

This morning I threw some carrots, celery, onions, garlic, broth, salt and chopped tomatoes in the crockpot to simmer into a sauce while I’m at work.

(French Vanilla Creamer, Coffee and Wine not included!)

Turkey meatballs are on the menu for Dan tonight and Ill be enjoying Lentil “Meat”balls with my dinner.  Hoping they turn out yummy, if so I’ll have a recipe to share tomorrow.

Off to work and get in a run or the gym later today.  Have a Happy Wednesday!


Busy as Busy Can Be

2012 has been a busy year for us.  I’d actually venture to say that the last 12 months have been a whirlwind.  Our lives brought us a new job for Dan and I began settling into my new job as well.  Many friends of ours got engaged and we attended six (6!) weddings in the past 6 months.  I was Maid of Honor for my sister and Dan was part of the bridal party in 2 weddings.  We danced away the nights, ate copious amounts of cake, laughed, drank and spent much of the past 12 months (and more condensed, the last 6 months) running around with hardly a moment to breathe.

We celebrated birthdays both big and small and spent time with family and friends.  We loved every single event we were a part of, and couldn’t ask for a more loving and caring social circle and family.  But as the dust settles, I think it’s time to admit a major problem I’ve created and allowed to perpetuate–

I’ve gained weight.

Not a couple swing pounds, but an absolutely positively without a doubt noticeable difference on my frame.   “Tighter” doesn’t even seem accurate to describe the condition of the clothes in my closet.  I feel uncomfortable and angry at myself for not taking time to stop.  For not taking the time for myself.  For constantly going and ignoring the scale rising and my pants tightening.

I think I used our busy schedule as an excuse.  There were fabulous dinners to eat, bites at cocktail hours and family parties, cocktails to be enjoyed.  Then there was the exhaustion that came, inevitably, with spending weekends out of town.  Instead of enjoying myself on the weekends and eating healthier during the week, I gave up entirely and constantly used my exhaustion as an excuse to order take-out or cook an unhealthy easy meal.  I would tell Dan I was tired, that I couldn’t possible cook, so we’d wisk up an unhealthy meal or just go out to eat.  Both our wallets and our waistlines suffered.

But the dust has settled.  Aside from normal social activities and family outings, there are no more excuses.  No more excuses for laziness, no more excuses for poor eating.

There comes a time where you have to stop.  Where the reasoning fails and all you’re left with is the truth.  It’s time to change.

I’ve decided to start being serious about what I eat and how I move my body.  The bottom line is, I don’t have much of a choice.  I can’t stay at my current weight.  It’s not healthy and most importantly–above all else–I’m not happy.

I love to cook and I don’t think that will change much.  Maybe my portions will be smaller, or I’ll reserve the really fun cooking for the weekends.  Working out will be beneficial as well, since eating less, well, hasn’t worked quite frankly.

It’s hard for me to put out on a blog, on the great and vast internet the fact that I truly do need to lose weight.  I am hopeful the honesty I’ve provided will motivate me to succeed.

Cheers (with water) to success!