Cold and Dark

This winter has been….tiring.

The dreariness.

The cold.

The days without sun.

I know I shouldn’t complain.  I live in New Jersey and have my entire life.  I’ve been through 30 winters.  Snow, sleet, ice, dark nights, rainy days, the bitter cold.  But it doesn’t make it any better, ya know?  Any easier to deal with.  You can arm yourself against a lot of things, though a season isn’t one of them.  Winter is tricky too, because it starts out SO FUN.  It gets cold and then there’s Thanksgiving, a truly favorite holiday of mine.  Then there’s picking out a Christmas tree and buying gifts for family a friends.  There’s time together with loved ones near and far on Christmas, and parties and laughter on New Years Eve.  And then…it stops.  Sometimes the end of the holiday whirlwind feels nice.  Nice to get back into old routines, make new resolutions and just relax.

And then it feels like time is at a standstill.  Because there are no fabulous parties in January.  No one gives you presents in February unless it’s your birthday (or maybe if you’re a President).

I’m also at the point where I’ve spent so much time indoors that every little thing is starting to drive me crazy.

Why are the cats staring at me?

Is that a speck of dust?

Did someone just make a noise?

I’m hungry.

I’m full.

I’m cold.

I’m tired.

I am officially annoying to be around.  I’m a hibernating bear ready to attack anyone who bothers me.  Or sleepily paw at their faces and tell them to go away.

I saw blue skies for the first time in MONTHS yesterday.  It felt like the angels were singing.  Birds were, literally, chirping.  We are 10 days and some odd hours away from daylight savings.  20 days from the official start of Spring.

Grey skies are gonna clear up.  I’ll be sure to (finally) put on a happy face.


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