As of Late

What is there really to say about the tragedy that happened in Boston on Monday?  It effects each of us, in different ways.  In ways we can’t possibly understand, comprehend or (for some of us) cope with.  We may have known a runner, or no one at all.   We may feel deeply, personally connected to the events and it may rock our sense of safety.  

No matter what you feel or who you are, it is safe to say that all of our hearts go out to everyone who has been touched by this awful event.  


This week for me has been an exception to last week.  Last week I was waking early, full of energy and hap-hap-happy!  This week some sort of bug (or allergies) has hit me full force and I feel as though I have been walking around in a daze only now seeing my way out of the fog.

Monday I woke up with a burning chest and a horrible sore throat and wanted nothing more than to just crawl under the covers and sleep all day but, alas, there was work to be done.  I could tell that whatever was ailing me likely wasn’t contagious and wasn’t horrible enough to call out, so I trekked to work and had a pretty good day.

I repeated that Tuesday and Wednesday and today, Thursday, I feel a little bit more like myself.  My head is still a little heavy, but my chest isn’t burning and my throat isn’t as sore, so it seems like the medicine I started choking down yesterday is working.  Just in time for the weekend too!!!

Dan has been great this week at nursing me back to health.  My appetite has been a little off so I’ve been sticking to some pretty basic eats.


Don’t forget the orange juice!


I’ve been pretty much eating boring foods, sleeping a bunch and just hanging out with this guy.



Hoping to feel better for the weekend!  Almost Friday, thank goodness!




Rainy Friday and Product Review

What happened to this?

Sunny Lemons

Blue skies and a gratuitous picture of our lemon (no, not lime) tree.

From clear skies and lunch outside on the porch.


To cold, dreary and damp.

Last night when I got home from work the weather was exactly that, so I huddled under a blanket on the bed and let Dan know that a walk would not be happening, no way no how.  He had some errant work stuff to deal with, so I snuggled under the blanket on our bed and channel surfed until dinner time.

I ran to Trader Joe’s this weekend while Dan was working, which is an out of the ordinary trip for me.  As much as I want to fawn and love over their store, I’m not a fan of their pre-packaged products , which seem to be the core part of their store.  On a ridiculous lack of self control note, I also stay away because I spend much more money there than I would during any other normal grocery trip.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised at some of the deals I got last week, including frozen fruit and produce, which may make it a trip worth taking every once in a while.  I also picked up a frozen meal from them, the True Thai Pad See Ew.  At 130 calories per 3/4 cup, I figured it would be a great meal to have on hand and bulk up with vegetables and maybe some light protein (tofu or shrimp).  Of course, it would have been more valuable for me to look at the “Servings Per Container” information because I probably would have realized that even 2 servings of this meal wouldn’t be enough to fill me up.

I wouldn’t really recommend this product for 2 reasons.  (1) It wasn’t all that tasty and (2) it’s not nearly enough bang for your buck.  I ended up eating the ENTIRE frozen entree by myself, even after adding broccoli and a few small shrimp to my meal.  Just not worth it.

Pad See Ew

Dan and I finished the night out with some Thursday night TV (gosh I love Parks and Rec more with every episode that airs) and called it a relatively quiet night.

When I woke up this morning the sun was still no where to be found and I could hear the rain pitter pattering on the ground.

Grey Skies

I don’t know how I got out of bed this morning (actually, yes I do–Dan kicked me out) but I was able to get up and complete a workout before work this morning!  On a rainy day too!

Now, only a workday stands between myself, the weekend, and Wedding Dress Shopping!!!!!!

Happy Weekend y’all!!!

Spring Has Sprung

Feels like Spring is finally here!  The birds are chirping in the morning, the sun is shining in our windows, and there’s a general feeling of lightness that has been missing for the past several months.

Dan and I have been trying to wake up earlier in the morning, and we’re both in the same place of wanting to change our diets and our health.  We’re getting married in 8 months and we both want to (vainly) look and feel great on our wedding day.  Getting up earlier in the morning is difficult for both of us.  I start work at 9:00 a.m. and live about 6 blocks from work.  I used to constantly oversleep for my old job (probably because I hated it) so waking up late and making a mad dash to get ready is a horrible habit I have.   Dan’s job doesn’t really start until late morning or noon at the earliest, so it’s not like we’re both heading to our cars at 8:00 a.m.  Hence, the constant dance we do snoozing the alarm and puttering around the house when we really should be taking advantage of the early morning.

This morning we were supposed to go for a walk, but ended up laying in bed talking and falling in and out of sleep until 8:00 a.m. (EEP!!!).  The weather looks beautiful so I think we will head out of the house after work and go for a nice long walk before dinner.  I can’t get enough of these beautiful sunny days and cool nights!

Of course, no matter how late we wake up in the morning, Dan still does his soon-to-be husband duty of making my breakfast while I get ready for work and packing it up in my to-go tupperware.

Personal 002

He’s been doing it for years and, to be quite honest, I’m not sure what exactly I would eat if he didn’t make it for me.  Lame, yes.  But he’s been doing it for so long it’s just a part of our morning routine.  That, and coffee.  Always, always coffee!

Personal 001

Hopefully the sun is still shining and the birds are still chirping come 5:00 p.m. so Dan and I can enjoy another after work walk on the path.

Here’s hoping the rain/storm from last night stays far far away.  Or at least far away until I’m cozied up on my couch in sweatpants.