Weekend Happenings

This weekend was a weekend for us.  Daniel and I said to each other all week “Just make it to the weekend”–we were just so excited to FINALLY have a weekend that didn’t include traveling, weddings (though we loved every one!!) or commitments.  Happy as we were to spend a summer filled with friends, family and love, it felt as though every weekend was filled to the brim with packing, driving, hotels and constant trips to the ATM.  Although we really did love every moment celebrating with loved ones, it exhausted us individually and as a couple.  It was nice to finally have breathing room.  To wake up on a Saturday morning and not *have* to get out of bed.

Friday night Dan and I had a date, which is a bit of an oddity since we live together (and have for over 2 years) and we’re over 4 years past the point of him picking me up for a date filled with nervous butterflies and sweaty palms.  Although I still get butterflies when I see him (bedhead, sweatpants and all) it’s nice to find time to rekindle the love that brought us together in the first place.  Our original plans were to go to an amazing sushi restaurant out of town, but the weather was just perfect, so we canceled our reservations and decided to spend a night hopping around town.  We hit up happy hour for a drink, and then mosied across the bridge for some appetizers.  What used to be late nights out on the town turned into conversations over candlelight and an evening spent cuddling on the couch.  It was exactly what we hoped for.

Saturday morning found us on the couch, sipping coffee with blankets as the cool weather continues to roll in.  We were also greeted by a CRAZY cat who looked like she had gotten into some nip.  We have no nip in the house (due to a prior unfortunate incident) so I’m not exactly sure who Pumpkin hung out with last night but whatever happened sure did a number on her.

Attack/Love The Bag

I’ve never seen her go so crazy for the camera bag before.  One minute she was rubbing up on it, and the next minute she was batting at it as though it had done something fiercely evil to her.

Too Much Energy Expended

And after that, she was done for the day.

Eventually we made our way over to a friend’s house to celebrate his 30th birthday.  It was a great time with wonderful friends and delicious food.

Although there was talk of hitting up the town to continue the celebration, Dan and I opted to head home, where we hosted the birthday boy and friends for a drink before they headed downtown.  Our evening was tame and we fell asleep before SNL’s Weekend Update.  Years ago that would have sounded like such a bore, but time spent just Dan and I has become my absolute favorite and I savor every uninterrupted moment we get together.

After a solid night sleep we celebrated FOOTBALL SUNDAY with a delicious breakfast (Whitefish and Lox on a bagel for me, Porkroll Egg and Cheese for Dan).

I ran a quick errand for a forgotten ingredient at the store and managed to hit the train running through town.  Always happens to me.

I returned home to get busy in the kitchen, making us snacks for game day and generally just enjoying the day.

Bread and Cheddar Braid, Spinach Dip and Wheat Thins, Cauliflower Hot “Wings”

Red Zone Overload

I made some soup for the week and let that simmer in the crockpot all day while I cooked, cleaned and napped on Dan’s shoulder.
Our night was capped off with Pizza Hut Pizza (you MUST make it) and wine.

Now we’re settling in to watch the Emmy’s and once again capture my coveted spot on Dan’s shoulder.

Although I always wish the weekends could go on forever, it’s times like these where I truly appreciate all I have and the time I get to spend doing absolutely nothing.